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Out on site!

July 30, 2012

The weather was not inviting today, but in the afternoon we went down to the site to see if we could find the perfect house pit for this years excavation. We came to a different beach than two years ago. Heavy winter storms have speeded up the erosion, and the beach is covered in different sized blocks of sod, but we were still not prepared for what met us at our old site. A sad pile of floorboards at the foot of the tundra marks the spot for our former excavation. The whole 2010 excavation block has been washed into the sea. That means over six meters of shore gone in only two years. This puts new weight behind the argument of urgency. We are working against the forces of nature with these coastal sites, and it is plainly evident that in the end we cannot win.

That said, we found a promising spot for this years excavation, right on the edge of the tundra. Tomorrow we’re going out there to do a test pit to see if it keeps its promise, and set up the squares ready to be excavated on Wednesday when our crew has arrived.

Walking south from the Nunalleq site we also found what appears to be another two sites along the shore of an old river channel of the Arolik river; with smaller and more ancient looking house depressions – the even older looking land. Very exciting for the future!


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