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Breaking ground…

August 1, 2012

This morning three eager students; Sanni, Tiia-Maria and Christina, came out to the site with us to set up the squares for the trench and (unofficially) break the sod and start the excavation of Nunalleq 2012. The girls spent the whole morning setting up the squares, while Edouard, Rick and Charlotta continued their attempts to figure out the mysteries of rented surveying technology. (They are now quite convinced they have). In the afternoon the spades went through the sod in three promising squares…

The big discovery of today might have been the tarp left under the remains of the spoil heap of 2010 that Edouard and Charlotta excavated in the most southern part of the trench, but it could not compete with Sanni’s find in the other end of the trench – part of a human skeleton embedded in the peat layer. The much unexpected find caused some unsteadiness among the crew, human remains can be a very sensitive issue, and the find was reported back to the village as soon as it was confirmed. After consultation with the Village Corporation and religious authorities it has been decided that we will retrieve the remains for reburial. Another exciting day in the trench!


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  1. Keith Dobney permalink
    August 1, 2012 15:19

    Thanks for the regular posts guys – am following with great interest. Looks like there is lots of promise, although it’s clear that it is a fast dwindling resource. Good luck for the next weeks. Keith

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