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New post(hole)s

August 4, 2012

Now, this is what a post hole SHOULD look like!

Work in the trench continues. Today more structural posts belonging to the burnt feature were uncovered. (And yes, I say posts and not post holes, as I’m sure our archaeologist readers noticed…) The shape of the house becomes more and more defined. The fire seems to have been less intense in the western parts of the house, as these posts are unburned. We are very excited about our burnt down house, as a single event forcing people to leave (or stay forever) will have left us much more information than an intended abandonment. Archaeology of an instant – the moment frozen in time – it does tell a good story even if the accumulated archaeological site might be more informative. Excitingly enough, in Nunalleq we seem to have both! We cannot wait to see what the site will tell us.  Some exciting artefacts have also seen daylight today, such as an ivory labret, parts of a bent wood vessel, and our first doll!


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  1. Scott Timpany permalink
    August 7, 2012 08:21

    Give me your post!! Mwah ha ha

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