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A first week at Nunalleq

August 6, 2012

Day off and beautiful weather. The students have adapted to village life by going subsistence fishing and berry picking. Their efforts resulted in a very festive dinner that Mike and Lynn cooked for us. First week at Nunalleq has been full of exciting glimpses into Yup’ik prehistory. We seem to have dug ourselves down to a dramatic event during the ‘bow and arrow wars’ which led to the destruction of our northern house. At leas that’s our hypotheses for the time being.

In our other house, every day life in a Yup’ik winter village is coming to light. We think we are just on top of house floor, and domestic artefacts and personal objects have started to build the puzzle that tells the story of life in pre-contact Nunalleq. The following weeks will keep on adding to it. We cannot wait to see where it takes us!



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