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Back in the trench

August 7, 2012

Today the weather had changed to the worse, despite a beautiful red sunset last night. This caused some distress, and it was decided that the human remains had to be reburied. Mike took them to the Arolik and buried them, and when he put the last bone down the sun shone through the clouds for the first time the whole day. That’s just the way it is. The excavation is progressig according to plan. We now have house floor exposed in three of our southernmost squares, and wooden artefact dominates the finds. We found as many as three wooden vessels today, two bentwood vessels and a wooden bowl carved in one piece. Some other intriguing wooden artefacts were two miniature or toy kayaks and a doll. To give you an idea of how fantastic the preservation of organic material is in these layers, we found you a grass rope. Our burnt feature to the north is shrinking and the burnt peat and charcoal slowly seems to form into walls. It will be some time till we hit house floor in those squares, and the artefact finds tend to be lithics rather than wood in this part of the excavation, but this does not mean less interesting artefacts. In fact the most unique finds came from this part of the excavation today, among them a fat little scraper that will keep Rick sleepless tonight. Maybe tomorrow will bring him the answer he’s looking for?


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