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Chasing floors

August 8, 2012

Today team Edouard has been chasing floors in the south end of the trench. The hunt was successful and in the end two different house floors divided by a sod wall were identified. In the north our burned feature is gradually disappearing and giving way to reddish brown soil. We expect yet another house floor to turn up underneath it, the next couple of days will tell. A burnt doll – our first burned wooden artefact indicate that we might be close to the occupation layer of the house. The last few squares in the middle part of the western trench have been opened, and some standing posts and boards may outline a passage way and a corner of the burned house. A week into the excavation we also reached our three digit numbers in point-provenienced artefacts. We named him Timmy; artefact number 100 – Timmy the baby whale. The very first artefact of the day was found by Chas after only two minutes of digging. It is a labret with the face of a seal carved on its surface. It is quite a fascinating little face, simple but very effective – but even more fascinating is the fact that labrets very rarely (one could almost say never, as Rick has never seen one in all of his Alaska years) has a face on them, so this little seal face labret is totally unique. We are hoping for a happy seal tomorrow 🙂


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