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Defining tunnels

August 15, 2012

The last week we have had absolutely beautiful weather. Had it not been for mosquitoes and no-seem’s we would have had ideal digging conditions. Mosquito nets and bug sprays have been necessities, but with the help of these a lot of dirt has been moved on the site.

The last couple of days we have exposed all the tunnel sealing boards, and opened up several new squares in our house feature chase. While exposing the boards of the main tunnel another set of boards were revealed, and now when they have been followed they seem to lead to Jessie’s very charred side room. Another new square has been opened where the western end of the main tunnel boards (facinf the sea) meets the excavation trench (and side room) of 2010. The tunnel has been cut by a large pot hunters hole, but this gives us the opportunity to get a sneak peak inside the tunnel before removing the sealing boards. The cross section started by Josh yesterday would have been finished by Sanni today, had it not been for the permafrost, but we can already sense what the inside of the tunnel will look like. The square produced several exciting artefacts and two bags of faunal remains – which make sense considering tunnels were also used as storage areas. To the east the main tunnel continues under the house floor deposit, which turned out to be much denser than we first thought, and not at all so heavily burnt as we feared. The tunnel will continue under the house floor till somewhere in the centre of the room, where the opening will be. Tomorrow we are opening up some new squares to the east to try to find the entrance. With only five more days of digging, these will be the last squares we open, and hopefully they will be enough to make sense of the house. The older southern house is nearly fully excavated down to natural, so sometimes after lunch we should have the whole crew in the burned house. Progress!


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