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It’s Mike…Sunday

August 15, 2012

Hey, it’s Mike, the Camp Manager for the archaeologists. Sorry for the delay in getting this blog in, was working on it a couple days. But man, have the days been going fast….too fast maybe. But, we’ve had BEAUTIFUL weather the past few days… “making us feel a little spoiled from Mother Nature.”
Well, as it is my first entry, I think I will start with the Sunday ‘activities’ that we had recently. It was a GREAT day with the sun shining high, small breeze, and HOT weather, driving most of the community members to the river. What was originally planned (going fishing, berry picking, and relaxing) turned into going upriver to fish for some, others helping out at the site, a few relaxing in town, and going to the beach for a somewhat “bonfire.” On the river, there was fishing, some swimming, and a ‘rainbow trout picnic.’ A couple of the girls even caught their first salmon!! As it was, we gave them the fish heart to eat, and pretty sure it was an interesting experience for them. As I was not in town with the others, I know some went to the site to dig a little while a few others stayed in town to relax. Now how’s that for a Sunday after a 6-day long of work?
Near the end of the day, several of us went to the beach. Those who went included Lynn, me (Mike), Gavin, Carly, Ilkka, Androus, Jessica, Josh, Sanni, Holly, and Ellen. Sure did look like everyone enjoyed themselves some s’mores….MMM. After some time around the fire, everyone just enjoyed the time telling stories, taking pictures, and some drove an ATV for the first time!! Sure was a great day!

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