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Frustrating finds…

August 17, 2012

Today the big moment had come – removal of tunnel roof boards. Or so we thought. When our three tunnel diggers Holly, Carly and Ellen had removed the boards in their separate “slots” it quite soon became apparent that this is not a tunnel. There are still some question marks to straighten out, but in all likelihood it is a boardwalk – still the entrance to the house but not dug down as we expected it to be. It might have had built sod walls instead, which could explain some of the stakes on the side of the boardwalk, but here the question marks are piling up. Our only answer lies in digging, and with only three days to go we’re starting to panic ever so slightly. To add to the frustration Holly found good house floor c. 10 cm down under her boards. More house floor, not exactly what you want to find in the last days of excavation… However, we have a very good and dedicated team, and with hard work and some luck it can be done!


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