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Saturday storm

August 19, 2012

Yesterday the weather was a bit grim. Today we have storm. Twice this morning concerned elders came to find Rick to tell him a big storm was approaching, and to make sure we knew the meaning of this. They clearly thought we were mental to be going out in this weather. True as this may be, we are running out of time, and the sea will no doubt take the parts of our site closest to it this winter. Thus ignoring the words of sanity we packed ourselves into our yellow suburban and drew out to site. A glimpse of the bleak yellow sky behind the dark gray clouds confirmed the elders’ words – should we have doubted them; storm skies. We lasted till lunch time. With horizontal rain lashing down our faces, the transit trembling in the wind and buckets flying all over site, not even the most stubborn of us could maintain our conviction to stay digging – despite the dampish comfort of our tent. Convinced by the progress in having the boardwalk completely excavated and one level of our “new” house floor removed, photographed and surveyed, we came to our senses, packed our cooler with artefacts, chased down our buckets on the tundra, firmly tied down the tent flaps and abandoned site.

The day has now turned into lab day, and tomorrow’s day off is cancelled.


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