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Only one day of digging remains…

August 20, 2012

There is only one way to describe today’s weather; horrid! If yesterday was bad, today was slightly worse. Mostly because we never stopped – and this on the alleged day off. But with only Monday left for digging and an unknown depth of dense house floor to dig through, the evil excavation leaders saw no merit in a day off. So everyone struggled on in howling winds and freezing rain. One could even hear occasional gales of laughter from the screens. We got lots done. The eight southern squares are all but finished, the boardwalk completely excavated, and we are a good 30 cm down in the house floor of L5. All the way down to permafrost. The struggles even gave us a solution to the mysterious lay out of the house – new boards appeared as more house floor was removed, and Rick found a corner that make him think he’s figured out the architecture. Good news is it’s still hiding below the turf, well away from the beachfront, and will be there waiting for us next season. If everything goes well, we’ll have our first entire prehistoriv Yup’ik house excavated after all – it will just take a little longer.

Lastly I must just say that the evil excavation leaders are all very impressed by their crew this year – good, dedicated, full of initiatives, and never complaining no matter what we or the weather bring them. Thank you all for making this season’s excavation such a great success! Only one day to go now (and back filling, but that hardly counts)…


Digging team 2012 (when the weather was still nice)
Ellen, Carly, Josh, Gavin, Edouard, Rick, Andrius, Chaz, Ilkka, Tricia
Miriam, Holly, Charlotta, Magdalena, Sanni, Jessie. (+Tiia and Christina – absent in this picture, as is Mike, our excellent camp manager)

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