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Farewell old dirt – may we not see you again (for at least a month)

August 2, 2013

Hello blue tarp - we've missed you!It has to be said – delivering sites from old backfill is not the most fun you can have with archaeology. A whole day of mindless shovelling and bucket carrying can break the spirit of even the most enthusiastic archaeologist; especially when your first close encounter with the site is the same barren dirt that you waved goodbye to with such a relief on leaving the site for the last time the year before. Even so – today we finished the task!


JamesThe last few latecomers arrived to Quinhagak today; Chaz, Andrius and GIS-expert and survey master James Conolly (with fancy total station), showed up at the site in the afternoon so now the first week’s crew is complete. With them came Zane, Meta and George from the village to help out again. They were apparently not discouraged by the boring shovel-bucketing (or bugs) from the day before, but contributed with willing hands and good spirit. With their help the last of the old dirt made its way to the spoil heaps, and the site has now taken on the colour of mucky blue tarp ;).

George & Meta on the spoil heap they helped to build

George & Meta on the spoil heap they helped to build

Tomorrow we’ll be breaking new ground and the real adventure can begin!


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