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August 3, 2013

Heading to siteFinally we’re breaking new ground! 15 new squares have been set up and deturfed. They’re in the south east part of the grid – east of the 6 we took down to natural in 2012, and consequently south of the end of our mysterious boardwalk (and our frozen squares). By doing this we hope to find the outlines of the house to the south, and we know there is an older occupational layer to find underneath.

Nunalleq site grid - the grey areas are the squares excavated in 2012

Nunalleq site grid – the grey areas are the squares excavated in 2012

stripping soilFinally some REAL digging!After spending two and a half days carrying old sod, re-empty old squares and cutting tall grass the crew was quite eager to get into virgin territory, and the deturfing was quick once it started. In the end of the day we had the whole area stripped of its top soil, ready for tomorrow’s enthusiastic trowels.

Our beutiful site!

The second grand task of the day has been to survey the site. Hundreds of points 2-8 027-blgOur friend the total stationhave been recorded to create a digital level model of the site, and Edouard and Charlotta have (almost) learnt the tricks of the total station. When first arriving to the site this year we noticed cultural deposits eroding out of the bank a short distance north of our excavation area. A little mound covered with tall grass lie behind the erosion edge, and when cleared of the vegetation it became even clearer. Doing scienceIt might be a side room belonging to our large house, or a building of its own. This area (Area B)Ellen & Carly clearing Area B is right on the edge of the tundra, and immediately threatened by the erosion. It will almost certainly not be here next season – thus we have no choice but to rescue it to the posterity. A new grid has been set up, and the deturfing will start tomorrow. We will then allocate a small team to work on this area. The future will tell what it has to reveal 🙂 .


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