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Artefact of the day 5/8

August 6, 2013

Ellen & stick dollSticky the stickThe artefact of the day is a stick doll found by Ellen in the peat layer of Area B. Dolls are common in ethnographic collections and well documented by ethnographers. They can represent a person, be used for magic purposes or be play dolls. We have found several dolls in previous year’s excavations. We have also found these stick dolls. They’re not regular dolls, but carved on old kayak ribs and similar pieces of reworked wood. Many times they have a face on both sides – a smiling one and a frowning one. This particular stick doll has a faint face in the other side, but it is a bit hard to make out. The stick dolls are not part of the ethnographic material – maybe they weren’t elaborate enough to record, maybe they are a pre-contact phenomena, or maybe they are just part of the local Nunalleq tradition. We have yet to find our what these stick dolls were used for…


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