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Towtrucks and Trowels

August 6, 2013

Since someone got our truck stuck in the gravel yesterday afternoon, this morning was spent waiting for a ride. Hello yellow truckAfter a while our truck did turn up – towed. They managed to get it out of the gravel, but it wouldn’t drive. Rick, however, had anticipated this disaster, and had therefore arranged alternative morning transportation. (Naturally this is something we would never do – had it not been for unique sites being washed into the sea at a frightful speed).

Vawe to the camera!

The late start gave Edouard a chance to buy the paint needed to make our new photo rods. His choice of colour fell on…Perfect colours for photo rods! purple and khaki (incidentally the only colours available in the hard ware store). This unconventional colour combination has caused New rods on the goEdouard many sleepless nights, and he couldn’t bring himself to make the purchase until Charlotta had convinced him with undisputable logic; in the light we usually work with at the site the contrast between white and black is too big for photography. The pictures always wash out, so in a way the traditional scales actually destroy the pictures. Hence more moderate colours (such as purple and khaki) would in fact work better for our purposes. (And we would set a precedence – henceforth purple and khaki can be considered the colours of science 😉 ).

Area A - context 3 exposedArea B - still peatyI’m sad to say today has also been characterised by peat, only this time removed by trowel. The peat layer in Area B is very thick in places, and its hard work cutting through it. The troops in Area A (our south block) have also been battling peat, but here the campaign is almost won. In all likelihood they will go down into the next context tomorrow, while the Area B workers have at least one or two more thrilling days of peatcarving to look forward to. Rick and his bentwood bowlMeta excavatingDespite still being in context 1 several interesting finds are turning up (in the interface to the underlying context), one of the more exciting ones being a bentwood vessel. The weather really wasn’t the best today (the only good thing to say about it is that it kept the bugs away), but this did not hinder our regular participant Zane and some brave local kids to come out to give us a hand in the afternoon. Unfortunately the most exciting job we could offer was carrying buckets of peat – but don’t despair, the next few days there will be lots of screening and excavating to do, and lots of exciting finds are bound to turn up!

Ready for archaeology!

Ready to do archaeology!


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Scott Timpany permalink
    August 6, 2013 08:50

    Hope you’re taking a monolith sample through that peat!

  2. August 29, 2013 19:34

    Summer went by too fast!! Wish you guys stayed longer!!

    • August 31, 2013 19:41

      Looking forward to see you back in the trench with us next summer!

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