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Down to the cultural layers

August 7, 2013

Today’s been a long day, but we wanted to get rid of all the turf from area B before packing up – and we did! Both area A and area B are now down to the cultural deposits. Area AAfter removing all the sod from area A it became clear that we do have a boundary to the house. The burnt turf & ash feature that we had last year ends with what seems to be a corner about eight meters south of our boardwalk. We think it is the collapsed roof and walls of the sod house we are looking at. Eduard with his fab purple rodIt is most likely a side room – maybe a sleeping area? We suspect the central room is still hiding underneath the turf at the end of the boardwalk in the eastern part of the mound. It will be the mission for next season to find it – 50 squares are quite enough for now. Planned, photographed (with the aid of fabulous brand new purple and khaki photo rods) and sampled; the burnt feature is now being taken down to house floor level. We know from last year’s section this is what awaits us.

Area B When the homogenous sod layer had been removed from area B what appears to be a house structure showed up. We think we have caught the back end of a house or room – the major part of it has already disappeared into the sea. The mound that was visible from the surface is now even more apparent, and seems to match the boundaries of a rounded structure. It slopes down quite steeply in the north, where we are quite certain we have caught the boundary of the structure. Thus, we have what we for the now interpret as an inside activity area – if not yet proper house floor, an outside activity area and what seems to be structural debris. We also have two substantial posts showing – maybe marking an entrance, maybe just part of the wall construction. The house in area B has not been burnt as the one in our central excavation area. This makes it much harder, not to say impossible to distinguish the newly formed sod from the old sod roof while excavating. After removing all the sod, we are therefore down to the cultural activity areas already. Tomorrow promises to be very exciting!

Our site at the sea

Toth shaped dollTwo dolls showed up at the dig today – one in each area. Neither of them are smiling at us, but they are not angry either – pensive might be the way to describe their faces. We see this as a good omen. If only they could affect the weather, we are starting to tire of getting rained on. But the weather forecast is not obliging as we have several wet days to look forward to. But there’s nothing to be done about it (except dressing for the occasion), and at least it is still quite warm. And as Rick says – it’s good for the wood ;).

How many archaeologists can you get into a truck (when you've spent all day in the rain you're not that keen to wait in the rain for the second ride...)

How many archaeologists can you get into a truck (when you’ve spent all day in the rain you’re not that keen to wait in the rain for the second ride…)


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