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Artefact(s) of the day 7/8

August 8, 2013

Rick's new blingŽygimantas' birdThe artefact of the day is actually two artefacts, as we couldn’t choose between these two fine pieces. Both artefacts were found when cleaning surfaces from last year’s excavation trenches. The first artefact of the day is an ivory earring found (and modelled) by Rick. It is beautifully carved out of a walrus molar. Interestingly enough it’s very similar to earrings in Nelson’s collection assembled in the late 19th century. The second artefact of the day was found by the newest addition to our crew, Žygimantas only five minutes after his arrival to the site. It is a bird effigy carved out of wood. It has been mounted on a dancing stick to be used in the telling of stories through the dancing.

Ivory earring Dancing bird


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