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The entire site up and running

August 8, 2013

LindseyDiscussing dirtToday the tarp was finally removed from our 2012 excavation area, and the old squares were restored to their former archaeological glory. Already with a first cleaning they are helping us to make sense of the site – more sense than we could get out of them by the end of the last season. Posts, sections and soil features on the ground are all lining up to form a house with a central boardwalk, a central room and several side rooms. Sit cam in actionAndrius and potAn alternative theory has formed, based in house floor distribution and possible bench features, that the central room might actually be located where we have our new squares in area A. The only way to test this theory is to dig – which we will continue to do tomorrow :). Several almost entire pots were found in the burnt feature (the burnt sod roof of our house) in area A today. What’s interesting is that the have perforations in the rim – suggesting they have been hanging mounted from the sealing, getting crushed when the roof caved in.

The site all exposed :)

In the morning light it turned out that peat layer in area B wasn’t so entirely removed as we convinced ourselves yesterday evening. In fact we spent the main part of the morning clearing sod. Area BUnfortunately this means that the well defined feature limits are not so well defined anymore. The cultural deposits, although sloping down a fait bit extends further to the northeast than we thought (and hoped for) – topography and archaeology are thus not aligning as well as it seemed yesterday. Needless to say the feature is turning out to be much more complex than we first anticipated as well – and after removing the first two contexts we are not at all finding the homogenous cultural deposit we (rather naively) anticipated. Tomorrow we will cut a section through the erosion profile to see if we can make sense of the stratigraphy.

Beutiful clouds

Beautiful clouds


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