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House floors and kitchen waste

August 9, 2013

Today we continued excavating the burnt feature in the south-eastern block, and parts of it have now been taken down to house floor level. Edouard theorisingThe newest theory on this feature is that we have caught the corner of our central room, with the major part of it is under the spoil heaps. In that case the burnt feature would not represent a separate side room, but be the corner of the central room. For now this is our favourite interpretation, as it makes most sense of what we see. However, it might all have changed tomorrow :). The 2012 squares have also been partially taken down to house floor level in the south. This however is an older house floor belonging to the earliest occupational phase. The most thrilling development has been in area B. Yesterday afternoon the feature didn’t make much sense anymore – today Charlotta took a spade and cut a Area B profilesection through the erosion edge. In the profile we can see a pretty well defined structure, a mixed abandonment layer on top, house floor further down, indicating at least two re-flooring episodes with a grass mat covering one of the floors. The boundaries of the structure, towards the sea, actually show up where we thought they would be from the very beginning, and we have the whole with of the building in our squares. Now we know what to expect, which will make excavation much easier (and speedier). Ella has removed some more turf (will it ever end?) in the north of the block, and found that what seems to be the outside of the northern wall had a c 5 cm deep cover of decomposed mussel shells, which is the closest we have gotten to a midden at this site. Area be is turning out to be very exciting!

Straightening us upRick at his deskEdouard also took it upon himself to organise the mess that has been our tent, and went crazy with the hammer. Everyone now has their own nail for their backpack – like in kindergarten (name tags have been suggested), and even the site camera has been given its own nail above the on site writing desk, processing table, science area – whatever you want to call it 😉


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