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Chasing floors

August 10, 2013

South blockToday has been a frustrating day spent trying to figure out the site and the architecture of the house/different houses. Some of it makes sense, other parts less so. But why so gloomy?Yesterday’s theory that we have the corner of the central room in our southwest squares seems to have been confirmed which has led to a radical decision. When the house floor has been explored to the same level as the squares with theFiguring it out... boardwalk directly north of our new squares, this whole area will be covered by a tarp and backfilled to be reopened next year – when we will focus on excavating the But at least he found a mask...central room of the house. The reason for this is that the archaeology showing up in the 2012 squares is turning out to be very complex, and in addition the whole area seems to be covered in different house floor – some of which we know will be very deep. With our small crew and limited time we will not be able to finish it all, and it’s better to make an informed decision now than a rushed one in two weeks. This will reduce our site with 21 squares, which makes the task doable – and saves us all of the central room excitement for next season!

Happy helpers

Another confused floor chaserThe development in Area B has been equally frustrating. We had a feeling yesterday that everything made too much sense, it usually doesn’t work that way – and it didn’t. The house floor we thought us have located gradually disappeared into general demolition debris, the turf we thought us have removed showed up again, and the wall feature we thought us have identified turned into a massive clay layer that seems to at least partially cover an older house floor. A simple reinterpretation to make the clay into the result of a re-flooring event does not work either, But at least we had some cool it in parts seems to be very substantial. bent wood bowlFurthermore the older house floor seems to be located in what would be outside the structure if the wall theory holds. The nice section from yesterday does not give away teh answers either. Towards the end of the day we started to figure it out, however, so we have a plan of action for tomorrow at least. It’s similar to the plans for the rest of the site; chasing floors!


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