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”This stick has eyes”

August 11, 2013

Lithuanians digging Cheryl with mask attachmentToday has been artwork bonanza. Everything we’ve found seems to either have stared or smiled at us. (The quotation is from Ella’s encounter with a stick). It started already in the morning with Cheryl finding a fish mask attachment, and then continued with seals, dolls, mask fragments, stick dolls (with only eyes) and gigantic wooden bowls. It is the result of us getting down properly in the cultural layers. Carly with dollThe south block is down to house floor, the 2012 squares are down to house floor and general activity areas, Trash heapand in area B we are digging in a rubbish heap (like the one giving advice to the Fraggles we’re imagining). We think it is the trash collected along the outer walls of the house, and except for mussles, bones, wood chips, broken pots and all the rest you’re expecting from a waist heap it is quite artefact heavy. Even so, the percentage of fine artwork has been unusually high today, maybe as a treat since it is our last day of digging before a well deserved day off. Looking back in what we accomplished these first ten days, we can feel pretty satisfied.James and his stick Testing the fine screening stationThe whole crew has been working very hard this week, and we’ve had many late evenings at the site. A lot of dirt has been moved, and we have made great progress. We are much closer to figuring out the complex architecture at the site, and James and Kent has worked hard recording data for a digital landscape reconstruction. Edouard and Kent spent the afternoon trying out the fine screening station – for fine screening the large bulk samples on site to find fish bones. It did not exactly work as well as they would have liked, but they are working on a solution. Over all routines are settling – and next week promises to be very exciting!

Žygi's mask


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