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Survey Success (Maybe)

August 13, 2013


Rick at the (hopefully) new site

A good survey day: Rick, Warren, Mike and I took a boat out from Quinhagak south to the Arolik river,where we have been hoping to investigate the possibility of finding new (earlier) sites to complement the work at Nullalleq. After a pleasant look along the beach and erosion faces in the unusually bright and warm sunshine (where we found some walrus bones!), we hopped back in the boat for a journey up river to some locations that Warren thought might be promising. Sure enough, at one of these places we found what we suspect are the signs of earlier settlement, with turf walls and house depressions. It’s hard to say how old this new site is without some test excavations, but it’s a candidate for some exploratory work later this season. Unfortunately it’s my last day so I won’t get to see the results first hand, but perhaps next year I will be able to see what this site consists of. Later in the afternoon we travelled north, and the up the Oyak river, where we visited a site Rick had documented previously. After a bit of poking about we confirmed that some of it is eroding out of the north bank adjacent to the river, and thus a further candidate for some salvage work to recover what we can before erosion eats up more of it. We left just as the tide was on it’s way out and threatening to strand us on the mud, and raced up the Kanektok to the mooring in Quinhagak just in time to drive out to site to pick up the diggers. All in all, a very interesting, fun and productive day!


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