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Same same but different

August 14, 2013

Not many new discoveries have been made today, but theories have been confirmed. Kent, total station maestroArea AThe wall features are starting to make sense now when the code to identifying them have been cracked. Sod walls in alignment with the (now removed boardwalk) confirms that it has been a covered walkway with rather substantial walls, and a sod wall corner where the “sidewalk” went north from the main boardwalk suggests that this too has been covered (as suspected). We also think we have identified the side room we knew it must lead to, but couldn’t really find last year – Eager screeners helping outhowever the large part of it is still under the untouched surface. Several post holes have also appeared in area A (actual holes, unfilled, where there would have been holes), in addition to the still present posts, and they all make up an interesting whole (or several wholes as the case might be). The house floor in the northernmost squares continue to produce weird artefacts, we are almost starting to suspect we’ve found the shaman’s private chamber.

Area B - section drawin and digging actionArea B has been trying our patience today. Whenever we think we’re about to reach house floor, or a living surface, a new context reveals itself instead – all proving to be quite hard to differentiate from each other. Ella has spent the day drawing the large section facing the sea, and when that is finished we will remove the bulk and follow the contexts from the section – this will hopefully make it a bit easier. All of today have been spent removing roof – or building – collapse of different character, but now we are quite certain we have reached a living surface, at least in the western Thank you Area B, for not being boring (anymore)!part of the trench which according to our interpretations should be inside the building. Our first point of action tomorrow is to remove the clay layer that covers a large part of the area, and see if it sits above house floor, or if it actually is part of a wall construction. We are hoping for (and half expecting) both, as that would make sense of the feature. The collapse/abandonment layers are packed with wood an logs in different states of decomposition, grassy bits, turfy bits (pre-contact fly larva), wood chips, and silt, all in a chaotic mixture with very few artefacts, frustrating, unproductive and slightly boring – until one suddenly come across one of the finest pieces ever found at Nunalleq (Artefact of the day 13/8), it just goes to show how little we can take this site for granted 😉


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