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Car keys and site pizza

August 15, 2013

Véro in the backToday we started by… looking for the car keys that had vanished without a trace. After 45 minutes intense search in every conceivable place; searching pockets, moving counters, turning bags upside down, field walking… Rick found them in a boot under the coat hanger where they had fallen out of his pocket (what are the odds). on siteThusly fashionably late into site we jumped straight into our trenches and let the excavation proceed in the same lines as yesterday. The different structures in area A are becoming more and more clear, and Ellen and Véro have found what seems to be a collapsed tunnel. The house floor in the northern part continues to be dense and impressive, and the living areas in the south are likewise. Cheeky stick dollThe number of fine artefacts found here today are impressive, among these a complete wooden bowl with a rim of the same model as one found in 2010, only smaller in size. We also found two baskets made of grass, beautifully woven with different techniques to create patterns. Ella with a hole dartIn area B we have continued to remove building collapse and debris, together with the clay layer we now suspect covered the site with the collapse of the floor. We now think we are looking at house floor, or at least living areas, in parts of the site, and tomorrow we will finally go down into these. We also have a posthole in the middle of the most convincing house floor, inside the building. We are so spoilt with still standing posts at Nunalleq, that when a regular European looking post hole, with fill and all, turns up it actually feels quite unique and exciting.

mmmPizza feastThe rain was back today (and so were the bugs), and even though some people wished for a little drizzle yesterday when the sun was so bright and dried out the wood making it very hard to see the changes in the soil while digging, it was not that welcome. Imagine then how amazing the steaming hot pizzas Warren sent out to us tasted when Mike delivered them to the site at lunch time. It turned out to a regular pizza feast and kept the team going all the way to seven o’clock 🙂 .But how spolied we are getting!


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