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It’s not easy taking nice pictures of dirt…

August 17, 2013

Area AMike picking up the samplesThis morning we left Ella and Andrius behind to start the processing of the large bulk samples that we have collected in bucket loads, and went out to site with a slightly smaller crew than usual. Despite this we made pretty good progress. The different rooms or living areas in area A are becoming more and more clear, and by the end of today Lindsey found a house floor underneath the tunnel feature in the northwest part of the area. This is quite exciting as it might be part of the earlier occupation period, and it looks very dense. LIndseyCelesteEllen and Véro found a weird contained space packed with fish bones, and Celeste excitedly shared her find with everybody – ancient poo, “sample of the day” she proclaimed ;). It has been a rather quiet day concerning exciting artefacts though, we think it’s a build up for tomorrow – Saturday’s are known to be artefact replete… In area B the first house floor deposit is now completely removed down to the clayey layer that divides it from the earlier house floor and the later house floor, and we have started to remove the bulk. Area BIt has to be said as a house floor this house floor is not overly convincing; it’s rather thin and patchy, and not at all like the thick oily deposit we have in area A. Area B - still a puzzleIt might not be a regular living area, or it might be an older structure, but the interpretation of this being an abandoned building seems convincing. The wood debris that covered the house floor might even be a result of people salvaging the wood for reuse. As there was no forests growing locally, but all wood is driftwood, good building wood must have been a limited resource.

Class visit

In the morning we also had a second visit from the Quinhagak school – and Rick showed the class around the site and updated them on the new developments. Mike & Jacqui in front of the schoolIn the afternoon Charlotta, Mike and Jacqui went to the teachers meeting at the Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat  school to introduce themselves and the project to the teachers, and see if the project can be used as a resource for the school, and more long term links can be set up. Jacqui showed some of here digitalised artefact images, which could be used in the education. It felt very positive, and we’re hoping that new little school projects will spring from this.

driving down the beachCharlotta on her (not really) atvHowever, what made Charlotta’s day (not to say week) was driving the atv (four wheeler) along the beach back to the site after the meeting (even though the speed wind blew her hat off her head). When driving (in moderate speed) under a blue sky, next to the sea and heading to one of the most exciting sites you can find, she truly loves her job 😉

And what about the dirty pictures then? Well:

It's not dirt - it's fur!

It’s not dirt – it’s fur!


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