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Sea-lion whiskers and angry stick dolls

August 18, 2013

In area A we are excavating house floor in the north and chasing house floor in the northwest where Happy Lindsey, angry Stick-dollLindsey has uncovered the surface of a beautiful house floor a good 50 cm from the surface. In the southern part we have made a slot to see the stratigraphy down through the different contexts, and in the bottom of this trench Andrius found boards or logs that are clearly part of a structure – maybe a collapsed older house. He’s almost a meter down below the turf, and by the looks of it no where near the natural. This means a daunting amount of dirt will have to be moved the coming week if we are to finish. It is however quite exciting that we finally have found structures belonging to the older occupation period.

Except for the find of the artefact of the day, the area B crew was not on friendly terms with their site today. woven grassAfter the removal of the bulk, they had to tackle “context 33”, a dense clay deposit, well-nigh sterile, covering the main part of the site. After the clay was gone, however, area B was explained in a new light. It is clear that we have to different features at the site, and the house that we have been focusing on may not be the most interesting one. The second (earliest) house floor that we saw from the profile is contained to a limited area about 2×1 m, and is fairly thin. However, when the clay was gone from the south-eastern corner of the site, where we already had found a small patch of house floor, it stood clear that this is where we have the real thing, dense and oily – it even smelled like house floor (it’s not a very pleasant smell). By all accounts it seems to be connected to the house in area A. These were thoughts we already had yesterday, but today have confirmed this theory.

sea-lion whiskersA find that stood out today was a little bundle of sea-lion whiskers tied together with grass. They are connected to the hunt; successful hunters decorated their hats with sea-lion whiskers bundles like these to show their success – he more whiskers the more kills. They are thus a visual symbol of the status of the hunter.

Tomorrow the crew has a well deserved day off (which for some will include volunteer fine screening) after a weeks hard work at the site, in preparation for the last full week of excavation. Time flies!

Leaving site


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