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Bonfire time!

August 19, 2013

As much as there is to do at the site, we can’t work every day. Sundays are our day off – the one time a week when we can relax and catch up on fun activities. . . like water screening.

Okay, that was only for a while. We also had time for all the other important hobbies of Alaskan archaeologists: sleeping, fishing, and watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. And in the evening, after we stuffed the truck full of wood and our backpacks full of marshmallows,  Lynn drove us to the beach for a bonfire.


Now, remember, this ‘beach’ is on the Bering Sea. It’s cold, and windy, and at low tide you can barely see the water past the mile-long mudflats. Still, that’s no excuse not to have a good time. So we set up the speakers with Lynn’s best ‘Spring Break’ playlist and got to work on the fire.


Okay, when I say ‘we’ got to work on the fire, I mostly mean Kent. Kent got to work on the fire. Celeste gathered wood. The rest of us stood by and offered helpful critiques on their technique.


In any case, the fire was soon achieved, and it was more then large enough to keep us all warm, which meant we could get to the important business of marshmallow roasting and s’more making.


Our party was cut short when it started to rain, so we put out the fire and huddled in like penguins for a group photo.

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