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Another hard day’s work at site

August 21, 2013

Visitors to site!Time is becoming a real concern for us. We have only one week of digging left – so we try to keep everything very efficient. Today we put a lot of effort into area B, with the aim to finish it as soon as possible so we can move everybody into area A. This meant putting a few extra diggers into the squares, and having a few designated screeners to take care of the buckets (thank you Jessie for screening all day!). Great progress was made at the site. The northern part of area B is now almost completely taken down to natural, Ella showing the excitments of screeningor in this case turf, and Yes, it's muck. Also known as Area Bthanks to the old cuts on the turf to create the house pit we can start to make out the structure. From this it seems clear that we do indeed have a house, shown by sod wall features. We also have a drainage running down to a pit outside the outer wall (the same pit that a few days ago frustrated Ella when she tried to clean ‘outside the structure’-trench down to natural). Rick lecturing to Quinhagak studentsThe interpretation that this is an older building where building material have been salvaged before reusing the structure for a house hold waist dump seem very likely. We have found small patches of undisturbed house floor close to the very bottom of the structure, but most cultural deposits appear to be quite disturbed by different events. Our promising house floor in the south-eastern part is unfortunately looking less convincing today, but this probably means that we will be able to finish area B tomorrow (fingers x’d).

Area APictures of people taking pictures...In area A it’s business as usual. More house floor has been exposed and the three rooms are well defined. The two northernmost squares have been taken down to a good floor level, and are frozen solid. They will be closed tomorrow, and saved for last year, which also make sense from a structural perspective, as they stick out from the large block and are a direct part of the area we will excavate next year. The most exciting discovery in area A today is a tunnel feature – probably a crawling space – between two of the rooms.

It's just another mask frag...A very large quantity of artefacts was recovered today, but not any really spectacular pieces. This is only because we have been spoiled by the incredible finds we’ve made thus far this season – intact mask fragments, whole bent wood vessels with bottoms still attached, and several dm long grass ropes does not impress us anymore. Sometimes we need to take a step back and remind ourselves how privileged we are to be working on this truly unique and astonishing site.


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