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Wetland archaeology

August 22, 2013

Wet AndriusCeleste - still smilingThe weather was vile this morning – worst day so far. Despite this we went out to the site as usual. However, after defying the weather gods for several hours, at lunch time we admitted defeat, packed everyone into our yellow sub and went back to camp for lunch. The tipping point for taking this decision was neither the weather, nor the miserable faces on some of the crew members however, it was the fact that we forgot to recharge the battery for the total station Rick awaiting glorious finds(Kent, our total station master after James’ left, has been gone for only a day and this is where we’re at…). Thus, after some hot food, a new pair of dry socks, and a newly charged total station battery – a few stormtroopers went back out to site. Two main targets were set – empty the tunnel feature in area A, and take away the clay in area B to see if we have house floor in the southeast – as we have suspected. One of the targets was met. Lindsey excavated the tunnel feature, but area B continues to make trouble. The clay deposit in area B turned out to be several different clay deposits, and some of them proved to be impressively (in a bad way) Charlotta and bowl in clay (no owls)deep (and rich on artefacts). The last cover above house floor (we think) bent wood bowlis a thin, but very compact, layer of pale clay. At least there is no doubt anymore that we have house floor – it has showed up in the southeast where they pale clay was missing, and it’s rich, oily and smelly – just as a good house floor should be. The deep deposits defy our plans however – even though large parts of area B is now down to natural, it is far from finished. At eight pm (bit later than planned, we forgot to check our watches…) we packed it in – wet and slightly disheartened. The battle continues tomorrow!

The Wetland team that braved the storm Carly, Lindsey, Ellen. Rick, Jessie, Véro, Mike

The Wetland team that braved the storm
Carly, Lindsey, Ellen. Rick, Jessie, Véro, Mike


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