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Floor boards and grass mats…

August 23, 2013

Véro with hafted uluThe house in area A is developing into quite an impressive structure. Two of the smaller rooms have merged into one, and Floor boardsfloor boards are turning up in more than one place – covered by woven grass mats and nice house floor. Several building, or rebuilding, phases can be observed in the house, but there is no sign yet of the older occupation. We know it’s there though, and we do expect to reach it soon.

Area BThe house floor in area B proved to be a disappointment. It looked like house floor, and it sure smells like house floor, but when you go into it the house floor characteristics quickly Grass mattingdisappear into a nothingness that is clay. We still have a little corner of house floor like surface in the southeast, but it is frozen, so we cannot explore it – yet. Apart from that corner area B is all down to natural after the removal of 30-40 cm of different coloured clay. The B crew is slightly fed up with clay by now (to say the least), and we haven’t seen the end of it yet. There’s another layer to remove tomorrow.

Rick & kids screening for lost treasures John Smith & kids

LindseyStudents from Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat turned up in the afternoon and helped us screen for a bit. Thumbs upSome really nice pieces of braided grass rope would not have been found without their helpJ. Several other weird and wonderful finds were made today, except for woven grass mats and grass ropes. Lindsey found a little ivory doll with a very contempt look on its face, Véro found the second hafted ulu of the season, and several dolls also appeared on site today.

Carly's last hours with the site ;)At four thirty, one hour before her plane left Quinhagak, Carly jumped on a four wheeler and left the site (what dedication!). Lindsey still diggingOur numbers are decreasing every day. Yesterday Chaz left us, today it was Carly and tomorrow it’s Véronique’s turn to jump on a plane out of Quinhagak. The rest of us will struggle on however, and continue the search for 14th century houses, and ultimately the natural – we hope we will find both before the end of the dig…

Carly driving out of Quinhagak (with Mike on the back)

Carly driving out of Quinhagak (with Mike on the back)


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  1. Ana permalink
    August 23, 2013 14:03

    Dear all,

    Having been away myself (albeit in the scorching south of Europe), it was with great delight and excitement that I spent the last hour reading this month’s blog. What a field season! The spectacular artefacts are always a highlight, especially the amazing amounts coming out of the trenches every season, but the architectural remains and evidence for the site’s own life history (all those moments of rebuilding and adapting of the buildings) that you uncovered this year are particularly interesting. I can’t wait to hear all the details of the excavation and survey (let’s not forget the survey!) when you get back – and have a chance to rest for a bit. I hear the single context recording system is working like a charm.

    It seems that you amassed an amazing collection of wooden artefacts, including some wooden and bark containers (my almost favourite kind). Any news on any poor ceramic pots? Any chance of bagging some of that clay you keep having to dig through?

    I can’t wait to join you next year (mosquitoes, cold wet weather and all). See you soon.


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