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Five digging-days left

August 24, 2013

Area B - frozen solidSo little left to do, but so far away… Ellen and Charlotta started out their day with the aim of finishing off area B once and for all. It did not go well. After removing a thin cultural deposit not exactly resembling house floor and some clay and sod definitely not resembling house floor – they only managed to get a few cm into the house floor resembling deposit in the southeast corner before hitting permafrost. The rest of the day area B stayed frozen solid. Thus, they were allowed to come up from Flea Bottom (Rick and Edouard may have watched too much Game of Thrones before naming the sites…) and dig with the Lannisters (although the walls were as far as they could let wildling servant girls go).

Area AWe now think the floor in the northwestern part of Mat retrievedarea A, where Lindsey have been digging belong to a house previous to the burnt house with the grand boardwalk, while the eastern house floor is contemporary to the large house, and probably is a side room of this. With four days of excavation remaining, we have thus decided to close the eastern squares it this level, and focus on the older occupation in the west – which is also closer to the sea and therefore at great risk of being lost in the next winter storm. Andrius with ivory beadThe south end of the block is at this level covered with a mixed context aboutWalrus 30 cm deep, under a trampled surface of walking/living area contemporary with the first phase of boardwalk. This afternoon Andrius and Zygi dug a slot through the mixed deposit and found house floor at the bottom. This floor is by all accounts part of the same occupational layers that were excavated in the southernmost part of the block in 2012, and thus belong to the earliest occupation of c. 1370 AD. Following that it seems that we are now faced with (at least) three different occupational periods at the site. Very exciting!

Area A has continued to amaze with well preserved every day objects, unusual finds and artwork; basketry, hafted tools, several dolls, a fantastic little bead or pendant made of ivory with baleen insets, and a walrus pendant made out of walrus ivory – to mention a few.


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