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Mysterious morning mist

August 25, 2013

Area AArea BFourth day from the end – the count down has begun. More squares have been closed in area A. Only the four western squares in the block will be taken down to natural. The rest will be reopened next year – they are all part of the larger burnt house structure, and are not threatened in by the sea in the same way as the western squares. Ellen & Jacqui excavating house floorWork is focused and hectic. The middle house floor – older than burnt house but on top of the oldest occupation, Back filling Mikehas been defined in its entirety and taken down to a second (an earlier) house floor surface. The thick “trampled” layer in the south has been taken out in a full square to expose the house floor underneath (if that is what it is…). Area B is still frozen, but the last context unfreeze little by little, this evening when we last went back to remove the non-frozen house floor Ellen thought she caught site of the bottom. Hopefully we will be able to remove the last cultural deposits in area B tomorrow – draw it and take pictures, and then it’s ready to be backfilled. The back filing has already started in the south block, and the screening for Area a have moved down in the trench.

It’s a race against time – but this year we’ll make it!

View from the spoil heap


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