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Artefact of the day 25/8

August 26, 2013

Boot in situCharlotta & bootThe artefact of the day is the sole of a leather boot. It was found by Charlotta in the north-western house floor in area A. The soles are cut in one piece and folded in creases around the toes, placing the seam on the top of the foot. This makes the boots more water resistant than if the seam is under the foot; adapted to a snow rich and cold environment. The boots are diagnostic for the more northern peoples of Alaska. On our boot, you can see the stitching by the creases, and it still has some fur on the inside, so we might be able to identify the species of the hide used. The boot is quite small, so it probably belonged to a woman. Finds like these are fascinating because they bring you so close to the person behind the artefacts, and the every day life of the person who once wore them.



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