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Follow that house floor!

August 26, 2013

Good mornig!Sunday does not equal day off when you only have three days left for digging. It did however mean a later start, which probably was good as the rain was pouring down when we woke up this morning. It didn’t stop entirely the whole day, but at least it was semi-dry in periods. Area B is deep-frozen, so except for finding an ivory earring (Ellen), not much could be done there to day. Instead our efforts were centred on the four blocks in area A where the mid-period house floor was removed. It proved to be very rich in artefacts, pot bustLindsey retrieving the potand several amazing finds were made there – including a very large pot that will probably become almost a whole pot when pieced together. There were also hafted tools, dolls and a gazillion shaft fragments. Charlotta found an ivory pendant depicting a man-bird (we like to think raven as we have had ravens at the site all day today – Man-raven pendantCharlotta thrilled by her find (but still a wildling according to Rick)and in Yup’ik country ravens are a good omen). He’s wearing large labrets, labrets like these are though to resemble bird beaks when worne, and in this piece you can really see the likness to birds in the iconography. Birds were believed to be powerful creatures on the water, and important spirit beings for the sea-depedent hunters. Ellen with bipolar stick dollHappy Lindsey with happy DollThis piece also has parallels with Kodiak art, where the graphic patterns are said to symbolise whales. While Lindsey, Ellen and Charlotta were finding treasures in the house floor, Andrius and Žygi exposed the oldest house floor and the sod wall in the southern part of our trench, and Celeste & Jessie drawingJessie and Celeste drew sections – Finding treasures in the house flooruntil the wind and rain increased and forced them to join Edouard and Rick at the screens. Hopefully the weather has improved somewhat till tomorrow, because there are two major sections to be drawn in area B, which also needs to be cleaned up for a nice post-ex photograph and then have to be planned – if the last corner has melted that is, but Ellen still thinks that the end is near over there…

back fill!Even though we have not This is what back-filling does to you (brings out the crazy!)scheduled the back-filling until after the community exhibition of this seasons amazing artefacts that we have on Wednesday, there are massive piles of dirt to move, and the more we have done by Thursday the better. Andrius and Žygi took the opportunity to warm up with some back filling. Although all the amount of dirt we have to move can seem daunting, and the dept of the cultural deposits in our remaining squares is unknown, this was a very productive day (especially for a day off 😉 ), and we are confident we will make it – two days left!


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