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27 August – Last day excavating

August 29, 2013

The last holeOnly a little hole remains of the site – the rest has been backfilled. Today the remaining house floor that turned up under sod layers yesterday – just as we were about to pronounce area A closed for the season, was exposed and removed. Lindsey and the prismIn doing that we discovered a set of boards, that seems to connect to the large possible tunnel feature we defined yesterday. We thus have a side tunnel entrance to our side room doing science(which hence seems to be contemporary to the large house and not later. Hence, the difference in extension we see in the different house floor layers, where the upper house floor was more wide spread than the lower ones, Andrius drawingimplies that the room has been rebuild (expanded) rather than them stemming from two different houses. The last days it has become clearer how the different features in area A relate, and we now think we have Photographing the siterough idea of the lay-out of the burnt house, which means next season we’ll be able to target certain areas of the site, which of course is far bigger than we ever expected. Edouard and Andrius dug some test pits that showed that it extends further to the south than we thought. The tent, that has been standing in more or less the same spot these last years and which we thought was a fair bit outside the site, is the missing link as Edouard put it. The test pit in front of the tent was positive, while the one behind it was negative. It was suggested he moves one of the boards in the tent and dig a hole, Ellen & Charlotta, victorious defeaters of area Bprotected from the wind and everything, but so far the tent floor is intact…Area B’s last corner has finally melted (more or less), and Ellen removed the last of the cultural deposit this afternoon. Thus the whole of area B – as the only part of the site – is taken down to natural, and could be backfilled (without a tarp cover). Ellen and Charlotta did a little victory dance on its lumpy turf surface.

Backfilling frenzy

Same dirt back in the same hole....Q-corp heroes!Backfilling has been the key word of the day. Two major spoil heaps have returned to their original holes, and the largest part of the site is already re-turfed. This was done thanks to Mike, five guys from Q-corp and an atv. To our great relief it seems like the nightmare from last year will not have to be relived. Tomorrow we’ll go out in the morning to continue, before the community show & tell in the afternoon. The excavation is over.


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