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Artefact of the day: Wooden doll with labrets

August 1, 2014

Doll with ivory labre

Today’s artefact of the day was found by Žygis in one of the house floor areas that we identified last year. It is a lovely example of a carved wooden doll.

Dolls are a very important part of Yup’ik culture, coming in many different forms and having many different functions, including girls’ playthings as well as ritualistic items. The one found today was a human-formed doll with special defining features, such as labrets (facial decorations). Last year we found several dolls with labrets carved into their faces, but this one had ivory inserts, one of which is still present.

This was particularly exciting for me because I am studying the dolls of the North American Arctic for my undergraduate dissertation at the University of Aberdeen. As part of my research I have been lucky to return to Quinhagak for another field season and the fact that we have found a doll already, on only the fourth official day of digging, is a very positive sign.

No doubt there will be many exciting finds over the next month of digging, although I have my fingers crossed for many beautiful dolls!



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