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Artefact of the Day 6/8

August 8, 2014

photo-3The artifact of the day is a bow piece for a model kayak which was found by Chas.  The conventional wisdom is that the bifurcated bow form represented here was invented by Alutiiq kayakers on the North Pacific.  The kayak model this bow piece was made for may have measured three feet long or more.  Hopefully we will find more frame pieces of this remarkable model as we continue digging.  It was found on the 1640 AD house floor, making it one of the earliest known examples of this bow form.  It is also significant in that it was found on a Yup’ik site, suggesting that the Yup’ik and Alutiiq may have both used this bow form which may date from a time when these closely related cultures were one people.




Chas and his find


Kodiak Kayak bow

    Kodiak bow piece (wavetamers web site)


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