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Rain, rain, rain… on Korean TV

August 8, 2014

Yesterday’s weather forecast held up; this morning we woke up to the rain tapping the windows. Soggy sites and heavy feet do not mix well, hence we split the crew into a field unit and a lab unit to limit the feet impact (and to get some much-needed post-ex work done). This year we have a larger open area type excavation, which allows us to get a better idea of how different structures relate to each other. Unfortunately among the revelations was that several of the walls we thought we had identified last does not hold up, on the other hand though, some of them make more sense. Today’s mission was to get rid of some odd bits and bobs of debris that was still resting on the more interesting cultural levels (such as house floor), and we did accomplish it well enough despite the constant drizzle that made sure to keep our spirits in check.


The clouds did hold some exciting silver linings for us, however. The second most exciting thing of the day was the arrival of a Korean TV-crew, interviewing Rick and filming the excavation for a documentary. They even managed to catch the finding and salvaging of a basket on Korean tape. We think the weather give the documentary a more authentic feel…

An Archaeological Super Star in the making

An Archaeological Super Star in the making

Arctic Archaeology in Action

Arctic Archaeology in Action

For the most exciting thing of the day we need to re-direct our noses back to the dirt, where Veró uncovered a grass mat, and not any old grass mat, but one lining the inner wall of a room. At the edge of the grass wall cover there are traces of upright planks that have been part of the inner wall constructions. It’s our first clearly defined wall!


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