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Disco Saturday on Site

August 10, 2014

While some offices have casual Friday, we’ve opted for disco Saturday. Roy brought some loud speakers that he rigged on site – everything from ACDC to Edith Piaf has energized our troweling today. Loudspeakers were not the only high tech addition to our site today. The sun was out, which means so were the midges. This gave us an excuse to try out Warren’s crazy fan’s that he got us last year to blow away bugs, and ye and behold – it worked! Thus sunny, bug free (sort of) and sound tracked the site put us all in a proper Saturday mode.


Maybe due to this progress on site was great today, and we are now down to house floor level all over the site – all ready to go down through on Monday.

More structures have been exposed between house floors, and the site is starting to make sense (we think). We’ve spent a good amount of time trying to figure it out, and Rick has come up with a working hypotheses that seems very plausible (at the moment). How accurate it is – only time will tell 🙂


When we came back to camp after a long day of disco-digging we were met by Ike – our extraordinary chef – at the barbecue! All and all a very good Saturday.

Ike at the barbecue

Ike at the barbecue



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