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Ceilidh in Quinhagak

August 17, 2014

IMG_2041IMG_2053To mark the last weekend of some of our crew it was decided on Friday night that we should have a ceilidh, which means gathering in Gaelic but is usually a dance. This was not only a great way to end our Friday day off but also a good way to bring some Scottish culture to Quinhagak. Ella and Leonie decided on some dances and found the relevant music on YouTube. We pushed all the chairs and tables out of the way and had a fairly large dancefloor all ready for us. Many of our crew have never taken part in a ceilidh before so a little bit of tutoring was required before the music started. Ella and Leonie did a demonstration of each dance and then we had a walk through. Once the music started everyone kept together fairly well, with a bit of direction from Ella when people got lost. Everyone had a really good laugh, which is the whole point of a ceilidh after all. Maybe we’ll even have another one before the end of the season!



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