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A joining of years

August 19, 2014

This morning Charlotta & Véro decided to go early to the site – to remove the last of the pending floor context in the large house, and to move mdf-boards in the excavation trench. This because we were about to join the 2014 excavation with the 2013 surfaces. Big day! Unfortunately they ran out of fuel about 300 meters from the site, and had to leave the quad behind… (Fortunately Teresa and Roy saved the poor abandoned honda later)



Despite that little mishap things were moving on in a good pace at the site, and before lunch 2013 & 2014 met – and united into one large house floor!

2014 & 2013 united in one ;)

2014 & 2013 united in one 😉

The rest of the day offered an abundance of finds and interesting discoveries – in large house floor! We are starting to understand the architecture, and have maybe even caught some remodeling phases, we start to identify different activity areas, and we are getting some really fine artefacts. 

Busy little bees...

Busy little bees…

And more will come in the next few days!


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