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Artefact of the Day 19/8

August 20, 2014

IMG_4557IMG_4558The artefact of the day was found by Ella in the south end of the large house floor quite close to the boardwalk. It is a marvelous ivory pendant for an earring. It was on its way to the bucket with the loose dirt, but Ella caught it in situ (in contrast to the other two pendants today that were found in the screen). As always with the Nunalleq finds the artisanship is fantastic in this tiny interlinking chain. As stated, two more pendants were found today, both from the same house floor. Below is a picture of them all three. 




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  1. Rosemary Pilatti permalink
    August 20, 2014 14:13

    WOW….ZOWIE…..HOLY SMOKES these are WONDERFUL to see!!! I would rub them and probably give them a lick, too!!!

  2. Margaret McDonagh permalink
    August 20, 2014 14:37

    How lovely , I have so enjoyed reading the Blogs and seeing the g reat finds of each day. Well Done ! Grandma Mc.

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