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Artefact of the Day 24/8

August 26, 2014

IMG_4657Even though Sunday was our day off, we have an artefact of the day since Véro and Charlotta went out at lunch time to ‘finish’ some things – and returned nine hours later… The artefact of the day was found by Véro, who was exposing house floor in the northwest end of our block. It is a grumpy peg doll (Véro is making the same face in the picture). IMG_4659It is a slightly unspectacular artefact of the day since either of the two were ‘finishing’ house floor. Charlotta worked in a debris built up against our most substantial wall in the north west of the block – the northern wall of our our large room (probably men’s house). Her most impressive find was ice. Lot’s of ice -in the bottom of a post hole. This is a reminder that the permafrost is still there waiting for us – although we haven’t had much frozen ground this year. Maybe we will not get down to it this season – we only have four digging days left. 



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