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Day 1 – It was a busy roof…

July 4, 2015

IMG_9240Glorious sunshine today as well. We went out to set up our new trench and ended up de-turfing it.. 10 new squares expanding our trench from last year towards the tundra. After a snowless winter, and dry summer, even the tundra is dry and dusty – the sod blocks we cut from the topsoil are half their usual weight. Even so de-turfing is a hard and tedious task – and that glorious sun takes its toll… It was a pretty haggard crew that enjoyed Cheryl’s splendid dinner this evening. However, quite invigirated by the sheer amount of finds we had – despite not going into the cultural layers. The turf cover is shallow, on places very shallow in this trench, and under it we have the roof of our house. The interface between topsoil and roof is fool of artefacts – mainly tools – inferring a bustling activity way back when. The roof of a sod house was not just a roof, but also a useful area for all sorts of different activities that could take place outdoors – such as crafts work – as today’s finds reveal.

The crew at site

The crew at site

Some of the finds were quite exceptional this first day of digging – such as a cache of tools found by Paul on his first day as an archaeologist (more on this find will be posted in the artefact of the day-post). Paul is one of the project researchers, but his expertise is pollen & plant-machro’s – finds that you usually make under the microscope rather than digging.


Véro (proud wife) and Paul (artefact of the day-finder)

Theresa arrived at the site in the afternoon – straight from the plane – and soon had the total station up and running – which meant we could give our trench perfect straight edges. And so ended a very exciting first day at Nunalleq.

After a whole day under the baking sun some of us were dying for a swim, so Mike showed us where to go for the best dip in Quinhagak – a perfect ending to a most rewarding (but very hot and exhausting) day.



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  1. July 4, 2015 22:41

    A pleasure to experience this through other eyes.

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