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New squares – Old dirt

July 6, 2015

After a day off yesterday – on July 4th – we headed off to site in high spirits this morning. Trowelling down the remnant of context 1 (topsoil & turf) we can already see how the features in our new squares align with want we know from the old excavation block; the wall show up where it should and turns pretty much where we expected – making it clear that the northern part of our new trench is outside the structure. IMG_9262

IMG_9270IMG_9268A thick layer of sphagnum moss make this boundary – between in and out – very clear. When the peaty layer covering the archaeological deposits are removed the mound that we could see from the surface, with it highest point next to our old excavation area and sloping down towards the tundra in the east is even more pronounced, so we are confident that our hope to find the boundaries of the house will be fulfilled (quite confident), IMG_4581The fun part of liberating the archaeological features from peat had to stop in the afternoon when the Q-corp boys came to help us remove our old backfill from last years excavation.

Matt, Jimmy, Cameron, Tristan

Matt, Jimmy, Cameron, Tristan

Renee, our first field school student to arrive at site got a tough introduction to (the less glamorous part of) archaeology – carrying old sod blocks over the tundra. IMG_4578IMG_4589You don’t want to think about the fact that this is the third (or even fourth, I’ve lost count) time this dirt – same old dirt – is being moved out of this hole. To say that we do not love it would not be an exaggeration. However, when started the dirt moved out of there quicker than expected, and by the end of the day almost half the area had been ridded of its backfill dirt. Tomorrow – with the addition of Seton, Sean, John, Jonathan & Lindsey, who all arrived to Quinhagak this afternoon, the back dirt will fly out of the area, and the excavation will look like an excavation again. We’re already half way there.

And then we came back to camp and this! Thank you!

And then we came back to camp and this! Thank you!


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  1. Marilyn permalink
    July 6, 2015 13:45

    WOW. Gotta like dirt and teamwork. Good job . . .

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