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The first day using a trowel

July 8, 2015
Paul fondling ice-dirt

Paul fondling ice-dirt

Today was the first day of ‘real’ excavation – for parts of the crew the first time they ever put a trowel in archaeological soil. Teams Ana, Carly & Leonie spent the day IMG_9286ridding our new trench from the turf context, and by the end of the day the ‘real’ archaeology were exposed in its entirety. While the new trench was being carefully excavated, the old excavation area went trough a much less loving treatment – or at least the remaining backfill that was left over night due to ice-issues – when Paul, Véro & Charlotta furiously hacked through the solid dirt-cicles with sharpened shovels. This, at times rather futile and ridiculous, chore took the whole morning, but at lunch time the war against ice ended with the last tarp leaving the excavation area.


IMG_4658After lunch the digging in the new trench (hereafter eastern trench) continued, Teresa and Charlotta set up the site grid for the old excavation area, and Rick and IMG_4655John started to take down the 50 cm bulk that for years have been left in the southwest part of the 2013/14 excavation. Chances are they hold the key to linking 2012 to 2013 more securely. All and all a very exciting day in terms of progress, but perhaps less so in terms of weather. Wet would be the word to summarise it, but the sun came out as we were leaving site. Maybe we dare hope for some drier conditions tomorrow. What we can say with certainty is that the excitement will continue – and even grow as we go down into more interesting contexts in both excavation areas.

John in his exciting new dirt-strip

John in his exciting new strip of dirt


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  1. July 8, 2015 17:23

    I love Quinhagak and am so glad you guys are still there. Funny thing is, once my younger sister and I were salmon berry picking east across the road, she thought oh look they’re praying…when you guys were shifting with screens…she was scared of bears and told her their doing archealogy don’t be scared of whats not there. Oh that’s when I hitched a ride with you guys going back to KWN only because she took so long picking berries. Quyana.

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