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Alaska is beautiful from the air

July 9, 2015

Alaska is beautiful from the air. Flying over it, you´re struck by the sheer expanse of it. It is a huge area, framed with mountains and covered in mist and clouds, but it´s silent in the mornings. The mudflats give off an eerie shimmer as you go by, as if it`s imitating the water that`ll cover it by the afternoon. Once at the site, the work begins and you get absorbed by the task you are given. A regular day at site is cloudy, with a thin drizzle coming down and covering your waterproofs in water. When the sun comes out you`re struck by the brightness of it. You look up from your troweling and suddenly you can see for miles across the fields. I´ll stop for a moment and remember, oh yeah, I´m in Alaska.


Today we dug through some of the burnt layer we uncovered by the afternoon. I never knew burned material could be so colorful, My area had every color you could imagine from green and blues to a deep maroon. Tasks change throughout the day but everyone makes that task theirs in some way. I became very bonded to the tiny pieces of bones and flint I was dealing with all day. The next step is to go through the burn layer and find the house floor beneath. There are amazing artefacts waiting for us out on site every morning. It makes pulling yourself out of your warm sleeping bag and stepping into your dirt-covered clothing a lot more enticing than it sounds.


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