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Artefact of the Day 10/7

July 14, 2015

IMG_4767The artefact of the day was found by Leonie, as she wrote about in her blog post. It’s a labret made out of serpentine. Labrets were the pre-contact piercing of (among others) Yup’ik people – or ‘like a cufflink for your face’ as was very eloquently expressed by Warren’s son Stefan who came to visit the site. Labrets were usually work in pairs, by both women and men, and expressed status, identity and age. We imagine that stone labrets like this one was worn on more festive occasions, as they are quite heavy and probably would have chafed the teeth more than wooden or ivory ones. We have only found a handful stone labrets at the site, and this is the only whole one made out of the beautiful serpentine rock.


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