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Artefact of the Day 13/7

July 15, 2015

IMG_4891IMG_9292The artefact of the day is a float inflator from a bladder float on a harpoon. Floats were attached to the rope with the dart so it does not get lost, but float, in the water. They can also work as resistors in the water to tire the animal out. It was found by Seton in the screen. Screen finds usually don’t qualify as find of the day, but it was kind of a skinny day artefact wise (although not moving dirt-wise), as we mostly dug in the roof collapse-layer under the burnt. The burnt layer was the top of the turf roof when the house was standing, whilst the unburnt layer underneath would have been the bottom of the roof (inside of the house), and thus contains considerably fewer (almost no) artefacts.


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