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Artefact of the day 15/7

July 16, 2015

IMG_4900LureThe artefact of the day was found by Ellen in the norteastern corner of the site – which was outside the wall when the house was standing. It is an ivory fish lure from a composite fish hook -with part of the barb intact. Different kind of fish hooks were made for different kind of fish. This lure is quite small, so would have been used for smaller species of fish. The lures are often beautifully made with different designs, and so are the lures we have found at Nunalleq – often shaped like little fishes. We only have a few lures from the site, and this one is the only one with a barb.


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  1. Marilyn permalink
    July 17, 2015 13:46

    Congratulations on the find, Ellen. It is quite beautiful. Interesting that they would put so much effort into crafting them, as if it was an art piece, when they could perhaps be easily lost in the water. I think I would have used it as jewelry instead. Hahaha

    • Sheila Quillin permalink
      July 17, 2015 16:17

      maybe the lure was made in the long dark winter when the hunters had time and it had to be as life like to attract the catch and effort skill love attachment in the crafting would bring in the catch and maybe a wife , ask the old hunters in the village ?

  2. Sheila Quillin permalink
    July 17, 2015 16:07

    will you be taking other photos of this “fish ” i would like to see more detail please

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